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how to store a down sleeping bag

How To Store a Down Sleeping Bag

Everyone loves buying and using gear, that’s the fun part! It’s the equivalent of a kid on Christmas morning. When it comes to down sleeping bags, properly storing them can be the difference between lasting a couple of years and a couple of decades!

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sleeping bag vs quilt

Sleeping Bag vs Quilt: How To Know Which Is Best For You

Sleeping bag vs quilt: which is better for you? And we are not talking about the kind of quilt that is hanging up on your grandmother’s wall. Backpacking quilts present a lightweight, versatile replacement to the traditional mummy bag. But is it truly better than the old tried and true?

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Sleeping Pad R-Value

Sleeping pad R-value: Know how to stay warm

It is easy to fall into the thinking that all sleeping pads are basically the same, they make sleeping more comfortable, right?

Yes, they do indeed make sleeping more comfortable when you are camping. But having a poor sleep pad can have even the most eager backpacker looking for the quickest way off of the trail. (I can attest to that)

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