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what not to bring on a hike

What not to bring on a hike

You’re about to head out for your first long hike of the year. You pull out all of your gear and you want to take it all. Because why not, right?

Actually, taking excess gear is a quick and easy way to have an underwhelming hike.

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traveling with a hiking pack

Can a hiking backpack be a carry on?

Confused about whether you can take your hiking pack on the plane as a carry on? Or what hiking gear you can and cannot have in your carry on? This article covers all things regarding traveling with your pack and gear.

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Spring hiking: Best season to hike?

Spring is a great time to get out for a hike. Everything in nature is springing back to life. Wildlife is more abundant. Flowers are blooming again. A well planned spring brings a renewed sense of optimism and vigor to life.

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is hiking dangerous

Is Hiking Dangerous? What To Look Out For On Your Next Hiking Trip

If you are new to hiking, it can feel like a dangerous experience. And you are not wrong.

But if you know what to look out for before you head out on the trail and how to combat the common risks, you will enjoy your hike so much more.

Hiking and being in nature is supposed to be an enjoyable time and a mentally recharging experience!

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