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gossamer gear the two

Gossamer Gear The Two review: ultralight juggernaut or dud?

Table of Contents Imagine having a tent that is under two pounds, can be set up with your trekking poles, can be stored anywhere in your backpack, and doesn’t cost $600+. The Gossamer Gear The Two delivers on all of those criteria and more. It has become one of the most popular tents that I

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Tent Informational

what is a double wall tent

Double wall tents: should you have one?

Table of Contents Does the idea of waking up in cold, damp bedsheets interest you? How about making yourself a hot cup of herbal tea, on a winter afternoon, and snuggling up in a wet blanket? If either (or likely both) of those sound repulsive, then a double wall tent may be the tent choice

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What is a freestanding tent?

New to backpacking? Kept seeing the words “freestanding tents” but never really knew what that meant? Interested in an easy to set up tent with great ventilation?

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pic from mountain pas

How to pack a tent in a backpack

Packing your gear properly is not a “sexy” part of backpacking. The epic views are what everyone is after. But laying a proper foundation in backpacking, like in everything else, sets you up for sustained success.

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